make shaving a pleasure with fine accoutrements.

Products that Set the Standard in Traditional Wet Shaving.

Fine Classic After Shave Fine After Shave Balm Fine "Classic" Shaving Brush
Fine "Classic" Shaving Brush
List Price: $27.00

Feels Great, Smells Great. Smart & Satisfying. Vintage style with the best of modern materials.
Fine Eau de Toilette Fine Soap Bowls "Forever" Blade Bank
"Forever" Blade Bank
List Price: $15.00

Smell Fine Anytime Smart & Stylish For Safe & Convenient Blade Disposal

Fine Accoutrements Shaving Products & Supplies

Fine Accoutrements specializes in classic wet shaving products & supplies for men who’ve re-discovered the sublime benefits of this traditional practice. Drawing on our own journey away from today’s mindless mass-market shaving approach, we found inspiration in vintage products that could be brought back to life with the right amount of TLC and a little elbow grease. After years of perfecting the right amount of old and new, the results are truly Fine Accoutrements - all of which feature top performing formulas and designs updated with new fragrances, materials, and/or manufacturing processes. We invite you to explore our expanding lineup of traditional men’s grooming supplies, and discover why ‘Nothing Beast a Fine Shave.”