A Fine Story

It was a day like any other day in early 2005 when, of all things, an article about the benefits of traditional wet shaving caught my eye. As a guy who worked in finance, I was always on the lookout for potential disruptive technologies that might represent good investment opportunities, so I was immediately attracted to the idea that there may exist a way to shave that was both less expensive and more effective than the typical mass-market approach. The only difference in this case was that the disruptive technology happened to be about a century old. Further investigation was clearly required.

I soon found that the benefits of traditional wet shaving far exceeded any of my expectations. It wasn’t just a lot less expensive (although it was), and more effective (it was by a wide margin), but it also transformed the entire shaving experience from a chore to a pleasure. I was hooked.

As the weeks and months went by, and I continued experimenting with various traditional wet shaving products, I eventually came to realize that my favorite part of the experience was the aftershave splash. The wonderful scents and the invigorating cooling sensation just really brought the whole experience together for me in an especially satisfying way.

The Inspiration

This simple enjoyment led to a small obsession that involved me purchasing dozens of different aftershaves to sample. However, it wasn't until I tried Alt-Innsbruck (a renowned Austrian aftershave) that I found exactly how good an aftershave could be. Although it was famously made with only four ingredients, it still seemed to have just the right amount of everything. Inspired by this apparent simplicity, along with the desire to save a couple of bucks, I decided to see if I could recreate my new favorite product on my own.

After several years of on and off tinkering, I eventually hit on a formulation that I immediately knew was just too good not to share. I took on the on-line moniker “Mr. Fine” and began selling my creations under the Fine brand. After sending out 10 free samples to members of the Wicked Edge forum on Reddit.com, the rest was history. Almost exclusively via word of mouth, the Fine Brand experienced explosive growth, and I left my full time job to manage the expansion and to create new Fine product offerings.

I hope you enjoy them as much as so many others have, and I’m happy to hear any feedback you may have.

Todd Cerami
a.k.a. "Mr. Fine"
Founder & Proprietor
Fine Accoutrements