make shaving a pleasure with fine accoutrements.

Products that Set the Standard in Traditional Wet Shaving.

Fine Retro Bottle T-Shirt Classic Shave Stand Fine Lather Bowl
Fine Retro Bottle T-Shirt
List Price: $16.00

Classic Shave Stand
List Price: $20.00

Fine Lather Bowl
List Price: $25.00

For Lookin' Good in Your Neighborhood Functional and Elegant Make Lather Like You Mean It.
Fine Blue Brush Necktie Fine Classic Shaving Soap in Tubs Fine Slant Razor
Fine Blue Brush Necktie
List Price: $30.00
Fine Slant Razor
List Price: $125.00

Evangilize in Style. Thick & Easy.  Slick & Protective The Dream, Delivered